October 2015 Minutes

Altadena Crest Trail Restoration Working Group (ACTRWG) Steering Committee

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

7:00 P.M. at Altadena Community Center (730 E. Altadena Drive)

0. Attendees: John Grancich, Millard Canyon Resident, John Lynch, Robert Staehle, Steve Messer (CORBA), Dennsi Merkel (USFS), Mike Parkinson (Boy Scouts Troop 342), Mitch Marich (Mount Wilson Bicycling Association), Marietta Kruells.

1. Desired adjournment time for this meeting?  8:00 p.m.

2. Decision on meeting Secretary & Recorder of Action Items.  Steve Messer agreed to act as Secretary.

3. Review Minutes and Action Items from last meeting.  Minutes were unanimously accepted with a spelling correction to “Lisa Laveagna” from the City of Pasadena.

4. County / City / U.S. Government Announcements of any items not covered later on agenda: Dennis Merkel stated that there is a new District Ranger in office, Bob Blount, and that his district now includes all of the Angeles National Forest that lies outside the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. Millard Campground has a camp host expected to arrive and begin in November. The Millard Falls trail closure was lifted and the trail is now officially open.

5. Any serious new trail conditions or problems requiring immediate attention:  Steve Messer reported that he and Mitch had used chainsaws to clear two tress of Sunset Ridge Trail, several from the Gabrielino trail, and the Grizzly Flat fire road and trail. John Grancich reported that the Millard Falls trail is important to be open, because people using the trail is a deterrent to “objectionable types” using the closed trail. He feels the trail and nearby cabins are safer with more people using the trail. He would like to see the area enhanced and improved for campers and trail users. Kevin Hunt (USFS Recreation) has been monitoring the area. Seneca Smith has been doing a fire patrol in the area. There is a homeless gentleman, Jim Nyquist, who has an encampment on the east side of the hairpin on Canyon Crest, and is illegally lighting fires for cooking.

6. Current Tasks

A. Re-grading to new County standards for erosion control on vulnerable ACT segments before predicted major El Nino winter:  Mitch reports that the County has done some maintenance, but mostly done unsustainably, leaving a berm and poor drainage on the trail. No repairs were done to drainage or culverts.

B. Emergency acquisition of bear-proof food boxes for 5 sites in Millard Cyn Campground. Lori Paul, John Grancich, Dennis Merkel. Recent “bear encounters” due to unsecure food puts campers, trail users, and bears at risk. Local Millard Canyon cabin owners have purchased a bear box to be installed at the campground. The FS has ordered a new sign instructing people to use the bear box. Mike Parkinson’s boy scout troop is interested in doing eagle scout projects to enhance the campground, perhaps including more bear boxes, interpretive signs, etc.  There is a trail sign-in box at the top of Lower Sunset Ridge trail that could possibly be moved to the campground.

C. Fence erected along ~200-foot segment of ACT above Windfall Ave (E of Rubio Gap and Stonehill? No updates were available

D. DPW Devil’s Gate Reservoir (Hahamamongna Watershed Park) / ACT Trailhead / Recreation impacts?  Marietta reported that the County did their emergency sediment removal from in front of the dam, but the “big dig” is still scheduled for 2016.

E. Status of proposed 18 New Homes (so-called “La Vina II”) on school site, though developer has failed to build the required public trail:   No new reports.

F. La Vina litigation resolved: update & resumption of trail planning.  Bob Musselman sent an email incorrectly asserting that only Marietta has the ability to move the trail projects forward. Marietta reported that it is still tied up in legal dealings between the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and the County.

G. Rubio Cyn Gateway trail planning status / discussion with AFC: County reportedly had a meeting with the AFC, and County surveyors have been seen on the property.  Other than that, no new information.

H. Update on locked Pinecrest Gate.  No changes, people continue to get trapped and call 911 to have sherrifs let them out. Suggestion was made to invite the sherrif’s department to take a stand on the gate.

7. Other Old Business. Steve Messer has created a temporary web site for the group, available for preview at http://altadena.corbamtb.com. He will coordinate with Bev Huntsberger to transfer altadenatrails.org to the site.

8. Other New Business. Marietta showed the group the USFS/DOT Equestrian Trails Manual, wondering why the County was “reinventing the wheel” and spending so much on a trails manual when so many resources already exist.

9. Review of Task List for next meeting:  Steve will contact Bev Huntsberger about domain; John Grancich to draft a letter of thanks to Seneca Smith;

10. Upcoming Events: The next ACTRWG meeting falls on Tuesday, 2015 November 10 (2nd Tuesday of each month, unless cancellation is announced, 7pm at the Altadena Community Center).

11. Adjourn at 8:10pm

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