May 2017 Meeting Minutes

Altadena Crest Trail Restoration Working Group (ACTRWG) Steering Committee

…from Arroyo Seco to Eaton Canyon

Tuesday 2017 May 9 v DRAFT Minutes

7:00 PM meeting at Altadena Community Center (730 E Altadena Dr.)

Introductions for new attendees. Steve Messer, Rob Staahle, Lori Paul, Marietta Kruells, Jeremiah Small, Rudy Valenzuela (LA County), Zachary Likins (LA County), Kevin Singleton.

  1. Desired adjournment time for this meeting?  8 pm
  2. Decision on meeting Secretary & Recorder of Action Items. Steve Messer
  3. Review Minutes and Action Items from March meeting. Approved unanimously.
  4. County / City / U.S. Government Announcements of any items not covered later on agenda. County is rolling out a new trail sign program county-wide, starting in the fifth district. Will be reaching out to communities impacted by trail signs going forward. Rudy graded ACT from Chaney Trail to Loma Alta in March. He is trying to prioritize maintenance on trails in close proximity to residential areas.
  5. Any serious new trail conditions or problems requiring immediate attention (firsthand reports strongly preferred; photos much appreciated)?
    • Between Eaton Canyon and Zane Gray there are some large washouts, scree, slides, and erosion, as well as invasive mustard encroaching on the trail. (reported by Jeremiah). Zach and Mitch hiked that section two weeks ago to assess maintenance needs. Nancy reported issues from Alzada road to Chaney Trail. LAWC pipeline trail remains a safety issue.
  6. Current Tasks

A. Letter regarding Crib Trail (action from prior meeting). Motion made and approved to send Lori’s draft letter. Explained the Crib trail situation to Zach. We’d like to see the historic Kiwani’s water trough restored, and other water amenities along the trail.

B. New (and inaccurate) signage posted by County.  Letter in 6A covers inaccurate signage.

C. eBikes: do we have concerns and/or a recommendation to County?  Steve Messer  

  • Letter written to John Wicker, Norma Garcia, Hayden Sohm, and Michelle O’connor
  • Motion made to write a letter on behalf of ACTRWG

D.     Pinecrest Gate. Kevin gave a report on issues of the Pinecrest gate to Zach.  Pinecrest fire in 1979 burned the foothills of Altadena. Gate was installed to keep partiers out, rather than enforcement. Kevin reports that the gate is on County property, not on Pasadena property. Zach will research the status of the gate from the County perspective.

E.     Shady Lane Trail. Explained to Zach the need for a new trail along the SPS on Loma Alta, for safety and for a better pedestrian or equestrian experience.

  1. Other Old Business
  2. Other New Business
  3. Cobb Estate Rumors:  Is the USFS attempting to divest its interest in Cobb Estate? If so, what’s the plan?
  4. Develop agenda for meeting with Sussy Nemer
  5. Review of Task List for next meeting
  • Lori to find Graeme Breakwell’s contact info, LAWC pipe permit for chaney trail, and forward to Zach.
  • Set up a meeting with Sussy Nemer/Zach Likens to cover Crib Trail, trail map inconsistencies and omissions, proposed shady trail.
  • Steve will write a letter regarding e-mtbs to County BOS regarding e-mtbs.
  • Zach to research the status of the gate, and what information we could supply to support removal of the gate.
  • Zach to ask Robert Ettleman for an update on Rubio gap easements for next meeting.
  1. Upcoming Events: The next ACTRWG meeting falls on Tuesday, 2017 June 12 (2nd Tuesday of each month, unless cancellation is announced, 7pm at the Altadena Community Center).


  1. Adjourned at 8:15 p.m.