October 12, 2016 – ACRTWG Meeting Minutes

Altadena Crest Trail Restoration Working Group (ACTRWG) Steering Committee

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 DRAFT Minutes

Altadena Community Center

1. In attendance: Mitch Marich, Robert Staehle, Lori Paul, Steve Messer, Marietta Kruells, Robert Ettleman (LA County), Arron Tschida (trail runner).

2. Desired Adjournment Time:  7:45. Steve Messer will serve as secretary.

3. Review minutes from September 13, 2016 meeting. Minutes were not available for review.

4. Los Angeles County:  Robert Ettleman displayed a photo of the ACT at Canon Blvd, near the Village Playgarden. They were encroaching on the ACT easement, and an adjacent property. Lori has notified Sussy Nemer. Robert will send a letter to the property owner. Were considering an “end of county maintained trail” sign, but easement continues.

USFS:  Pilot program shuttle service from Arcadia Gold Line Station to Chantry was well-utilized over the past three weekends carrying over 100 people per day.

5. Trail conditions. No new problems reported. Steve surveyed the Gabrielino for trailwork. The Forest Botanist must wait until spring next year before she can survey the trail and sign off on the work. Chaney Trail connector to the ACT with Lincoln Avenue Water Company does not have a county easement. Erosion along the pipe is worsening.

6, A. Fire Season road maintenance. Maintenance budgets are being cut, and fewer roads will be maintained in the coming fiscal year.

B. Re-grading of ACT. Over the past few meetings segments of the ACT have been identified where a small amount of maintenance will prevent major damage in the coming winter. Suggestion to use the County trails web site to report problems and maintenance needs. Trail maintenance is reactive, no maintenance plan exists. County is trying to establish a maintenance plan and increase funding for maintenance.
C. Chainlink Fence. No new reports.
D. DPW Devil’s Gate Reservoir sediment removal.  No new reports.
E. La Vina Litigation:  Trail alignments have been determined, including line of demarcation between what SMMC will own and La Vina Homeowners will own. There is to be a conservation easement owned by the SMMC, on land owned by the LVHA, between the proposed trail and the homeowners. Land on the other side of the trail will go to SMMC.
F. Rubio Canyon Gateway trail planning. County has expended funds towards three property owners, acquiring easements; an overlay easement from MRCA. They are asking for an easement from AFC as well. The proposals would remove four street crossings that don’t have crosswalks. Also trying to get an easement from Rubio Cañon Water Company.
G. Pinecrest Gate: No new reports.
H. Old Crib Trail.  Robert presented a draft letter regarding the Old Crib Trail, asking for it to be put back on the trail map and signed. People are using it, though it does not have official trail status. Should be signed “Crib Trail.”  Related, the bathroom is usually locked, but could easily be opened by Loma Alta park staff. Motion made to approve the letter, with the addition of explanatory maps by Steve, approved unanimously.

I. Loma Alta Trailhead & Staging Area. No new reports.
Old Business:  Draft a letter regarding the Lincoln Ave Water Company pipe on Chaney trail to Ranger Blount.

New Business: San Gabriel Mountains National Monument Management Plan public comment period was extended until November 1st. Collaborative comments will be shared for review with this group.

This Thursday, McDonalds at Lincoln and Woodbury will be a Coffee with the Captain Vicki Stuckey, Altadena Sherrifs Captain.

Task List:

Robert will send a letter to the property owner encroaching on the ACT at Canon Blvd.
Lori and Rob to add a map to the letter before sending.
Get comments on the Draft Collaborative letter to Steve.

Task List carried from previous meeting:  Mitch to complete maintenance needs report for Olga.

Marietta: Send a written request to reinstate the Crib Trail into the County’s trail inventory, and bring it back up to County trail standards. Include that we were promised a route around what is now the site of the Gymnasium on the west side of Sunset Ridge Road.

Steve: Draft a letter regarding the Lincoln Ave Water Company pipe on Chaney trail to Ranger Blount.

Upcoming Events: Next ACTRWG meeting will be Tuesday, December 13, 2016 at the Altadena Community Center. November meeting will be cancelled due to election day.
Meeting adjourned at: 8:12 p.m.