September 2015 Meeting Minutes

Altadena Crest Trail Restoration Working Group (ACTRWG) Steering Committee

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 Meeting Minutes

7:00 p.m. at Altadena Community Center (720 E. Altadena Drive)

0. Attendees: Mirch Marich, Olga Ruano (LA County), Paul Ayers, Lori Paul, Rob Staehle, Steve Messer, Marietta Kruells

1. Desired adjournment time for the meeting?  8:15 p.m. 

2. Decision on Meeting Secretary and Recorder of Minutes.  Steve Messer volunteered to record the minutes

3. Review minutes and action items from the last meeting. Last month’s minutes were unanimously approved, with a correction to the spelling of “Larry Hensley” & a close parenthesis.

4. County/City/U.S. Government Announcements of any items not covered on the agenda. County is busy with projects.  Mike Antonivich Ride will be at Cherry Canyon on Oct 18. Erosion on ACT downstream of Canyon Blvd, County maintenance crew is bringing in temporary sandbags, DG and stabilizer to be completed next week. County trails manual is being updated.

5. Any serious new trail conditions or problems that need reporting? Mitch sent a PDF of trail conditions, and will forward it to Olga. Steve has been doing chainsaw work on Gabrielino and other trails. Reports of trail conditions can go to, or 877-601-4850 (DPR Call Center).

6. Current Tasks

A. Re-Grading to new County standards for erosion control on vulnerable ACT segments before predicted El Nino Winter. Group requested County prioritize preventive maintenance including drainage on trails in steeper terrain, especially with El Nino in the forecast. Can County use a contractor for critical preventive maintenance?

B. Emergency Acquisition of bear-proof boxes for five sites in Millard Canyon. Millard Campground is in desperate need of bear-proof food storage containers, also at Gould Mesa. Group will pass on this request to the FS.

C. Update on the new fence erected along the ACT above Windfall Ave (E. of Rubio Gap and Stonehill.): No new reports. Could a “public nuisance” suit be brought against property owner?

D. DWP Devil’s Gate Reservoir Arroyo Seco Foundation Litigation. Have not heard from Rosa Laveagna. County DPW is going to clean out in front of the dam. La Canada person also needs to be appointed.

E. Status of proposed 18 new homes in La Vina II on the school site. No new reports.

F. La Vina Litigation resolved: Update on trail planning. No new reports. Scott Kuhn needs to be contacted.

G. Rubio Canyon Gateway Trail Planning Status: No real news. Robert Ettleman is working with local property owners to secure easements.

H. Pinecrest Gate update. No new information. Monitoring continues. Steve included comments about Pinecrest Gate in official comments to San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. Mitch recounted the situation surrounding the gate.

7. Other Old Business. None

8. Other New Business. Steve will put together a web site for for the group.

9. Review of Task List. Mitch will forward trail report to Olga. Olga will get the trail maintenance crew contacts and schedule. Marietta to find a La Canada contact to work with. Group will remind Dennis about fence and bear-proof boxes.

10. Upcoming Events: Next ACTRWG Meeting falls on Tuesday, October 13, 2015.

11. Adjourn at 8:20pm.


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