Pinecrest Gate Open!

Trail users have great cause to celebrate! After years of ongoing effort by the ACTRWG and others, following recent intervention by new L. A. County Parks & Rec staff, public access has finally been restored to the Pinecrest Trailhead! 
For many years a razor-wire fortified, neighbor-controlled metal Gate has locked in / out numerous hikers, dog walkers, backpackers, bicyclists and horse riders. This hazardous situation was finally remedied by the County a few days ago when the metal pedestrian gate was removed! See attached photo. Access will remain closed to unauthorized motorized vehicles on the fire road beyond the Pinecrest Gate. Hopefully, the remaining visual blight caused by unnecessary penitentiary-style fortifications, including dangerous razor wire and welded metal paneling, will also be removed soon. Thank you to all those who have worked so long to get the Pinecrest Gate reopened, particularly ACTRWG “regulars” Mitch M., Kevin S., Steve M., Marietta K., and Lori P, and the County Parks and Recreation staff. 
Enjoy the scenic vistas and trails beyond the Pinecrest Trailhead! With return of public access, trail users are encouraged to respect neighborhood peace and quiet when entering or leaving at Pinecrest and to only park in legal parking spaces that do not block adjacent driveways. Please report any hazardous or inappropriate activity to the Altadena Sheriffs, as you would for any location along roads and trails in Altadena.

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