July 2017 Meeting Minutes

Altadena Crest Trail Restoration Working Group (ACTRWG) Steering Committee…from Arroyo Seco to Eaton Canyon
DRAFT Minutes

Tuesday 2017 July 11 7:04 PM meeting at Altadena Community Center (730 E Altadena Dr.)

0.   Introductions for new attendees: Steve Messer, Rob Staehle, Lori Paul, Marietta Kruells, Zachary Likins (LA County), Kevin Singleton, Michelle O’Connor, Mitch Marich, Dorothy Wong.

1.   Desired adjournment time for this meeting?  8:15  pm

2.   Decision on meeting Secretary & Recorder of Action Items. Steve Messer

3. Review Minutes and Action Items from June meeting. Not ready for review. Held until next month.

4. County / City / U.S. Government Announcements of any items not covered later on agenda. No new items announced.

5. Any serious new trail conditions or problems requiring immediate attention (firsthand reports strongly preferred; photos much appreciated)?  Nothing reported.

6. Current Tasks

A. Responses to letter regarding recommended trail restoration, corrections & improvements (action from prior meeting and field visit).

a. Resuming progress in restoring the historic Altadena Crest Trail.

b. Correcting new trail signage. County is looking at correcting the monument sign for Loma Alta to include the word Trailhead as it was historically.

c. Restoring trail segments on the County’s ACT map and trail website; including the crib trail north of the gymnasium. Zach GPSd the alignment recently and found the existing trail encroaches on La Vina homeowners assn property. County needs to pursue an easement to consider the trail official. Also need to coordinate with County legal department on current state of lawsuits.

d. Ongoing closure of the Pinecrest Gate. Zach reports that his Department is going to recommend to Pasadena Water and Power the removal of Pinecrest gate and reestablishment of uninhibited access for pedestrians, bicycles and horses. This group wants to ensure anything built there will be suitable for horses to pass through. This group prefers removal of the gate, to prevent any restriction of access by nonmotorized trail users.

e. Lincoln Avenue Roadside route from Loma Alta Park South to Altadena drive and from there to Hahamongna Watershed Park; Enhance safety for trail users as well as Aveson Charter Schoolchildren on their daily group walks to and from Loma Alta Park adjacent to traffic on Lincoln. DPW Roads Division was consulted about Lincoln Ave bridge. Possible alternatives include: Wayfinding signs, combining sidewalk and trail. No easy way to provide a trail along the shoulder; not enough room for both recreation easement and road right of way. DPW is considering sidewalk access on east side. This group would like to see a DG path on the east side, suitable for horses and people. There is an empty lot and a drainage that may provide an opportunity for a new trail to get kids and horses off the road, ending behind Aveson school.

f. Proposed Shady Lane connection to the ACT along Loma Alta under existing trees to improve safety for trail and park users, including crosswalk improvements at Sunset Ridge Road. Field visit a few weeks ago. Department agrees with recommendations to make this trail official. Met with flood control district, and they are receptive to having the trail. Development division is doing a conceptual plan. Concept plan will be brought to this group before implementation. Concept plan is a month away, possibly next meeting. Will need to amend Parks Dept. use agreement with Flood Control to expand Loma Alta trailhead staging area to include Shady Lane trail. Funding has not been identified.

B. Restore full equestrian use and amenities to Loma Alta Equestrian Park, Trailhead and Staging Area.

a. Remove signs excluding horses from south side of the Equestrian park where the bathroom and drinking fountains are located. Discuss re-opening of small restroom at Trailhead & Staging Area on north side of Loma Alta.

b. Replace dead trees in the Loma Alta Park Trailhead & Staging Area, including the recently killed White Alder (only trunk stum remains). Require adequate care for new and existing shade trees.

c. Move concrete picnic tables out of direct sun to shade under trees or provide shade armadas over the tables. Tables are no longer shaded and are hazardously hot during the day. Need a site visit at the right time of day (noon).

7. Other Old Business

1) Hahamongna. City of Pasadena maps showed County-owned easements in Hahamongna, but County does not have all easement records, and not all easements are on assessor’s maps. Zach spoke to Lauren Pluth, City of Pasadena. He has no issue with County trails in the park. The county would like to make a formal agreement with the City. Will figure out what type of agreement is needed to ensure the future of the County trails in Hahamongna in perpetuity. Potential for a trail junction hub was brought up, but Pasadena has little interest in the project, despite Rosa Laveaga’s initial enthusiasm. This group needs to decide where such a junction would go and advocate for it.

8. Other New Business

1) Camera that was at intersection of Rubio and Camp Huntington trail is no longer there.

9. Review of Task List for next meeting

1) Steve to get MWBA USFS MOU copy for County.

2) Lori to send County Biologist contact info to Zach.3) Lori and Marietta will meet with Lauren, Rosa and Zach to discuss Hahamongna Trail Hub.

4) Organize site visit to determine where to move two picnic tables in Loma Alta Park.

5) Zach to send Marietta parcel number and/or easement description for La Vina

10. Upcoming Events:  The next ACTRWG meeting falls on Tuesday, 2017 August 8 (2nd Tuesday of each month, unless cancellation is announced, 7pm at the Altadena Community Center).

11. Adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

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