January 2016 Meeting Agenda

Altadena Crest Trail Restoration Working Group (ACTRWG) Steering Committee


…from Arroyo Seco to Eaton Canyon

Tuesday January 12, 2016, 7:00 PM 

Altadena Community Center (730 E Altadena Dr.)

DRAFT Agenda


0.  Introductions for new attendees. Meetings are open to the public.

1.   Desired adjournment time for this meeting?

2.   Decision on meeting Secretary & Recorder of Action Items. Thank you Steve Messer for both chairing and taking minutes at November meeting!

3.     Review Minutes and Action Items from last meeting.

4.     County / City / U.S. Government Announcements of any items not covered later on agenda. Sussy Nemer / Field Deputy for LA County Supervisor Antonovich; Ken Slu / Senior Manager LA County Chief Executive Office; Olga Ruano / Park Planner, Special Trails Projects, County Parks & Recreation; Pasadena / TBD; Dennis Merkel / USFS Recreation Staff Officer

5.      Any serious new trail conditions or problems requiring immediate attention (firsthand reports strongly preferred; photos much appreciated)?

6.     Current Tasks

A. Re-grading to new County standards for erosion control on vulnerable ACT segments before predicted major El Nino winter. Robert Staehle/ACTRWG, Olga Ruano/LA County

B. Emergency acquisition of bear-proof food boxes for 5 sites in Millard Cyn Campground.  Lori Paul, John Grancich, Dennis Merkel.  Recent “bear encounters” due to unsecure food puts campers, trail users, and bears at risk. Update: Scout installation of first bear locker; plans for individual site lockers?

C. Fence illegally erected along ~200-foot segment of ACT above Windfall Ave (E of Rubio Gap and Stonehill? Fence blocks obstructs drainage culverts and the view to south from the trail. Olga Ruano /LA County, Dennis Merkel/USFS

D. DPW Devil’s Gate Reservoir (Hahamamongna Watershed Park) / ACT Trailhead / Recreation impacts? Arroyo Seco Foundation LItigation? Marietta Kruells or Lori Paul
E. Status of proposed 18 New Homes (so-called “La Vina II”) on school site, though developer has failed to build the required public trail (restoration of the ACT). Marietta Kruells or Lori Paul  La Vina litigation resolved: update & resumption of trail planning. See “C” above. Olga Ruano/LA County

F. Rubio Cyn Gateway trail planning status. Olga Ruano /LA County
Update on locked Pinecrest Gate. (Mitch Marich or Paul Ayers)

7.     Other Old Business

8.     Other New Business

9.     Review of Task List for next meeting

10.  Upcoming Events:  The next ACTRWG meeting falls on Tuesday, 2016 January 12 (2nd Tuesday of each month, unless cancellation is announced, 7pm at the Altadena Community Center).

11.  Adjourn